Maxi Backsie/Max Roller - Mahogany - Alternative to the Ma Roller



To use, lay on the ground with the Max roller underneath your spine.

Allow it to remain stationary penetrating any portion of the neck or spine with soothing relaxation, breathing into the stretch.

Or slowly roll the Max roller up and down the spine, stopping when appropriate.


The shape of the Max roller is of an archetypal form which in the body of man has metamorphosed itself into the various bone structures as in the sternal notch and the clavicles, or as the pituitary fossa and the sphenoid bone just behind the eyes and the Guru Point. It is the form of a winged bird of flight.

It represents that energy in man capable of propelling his evolution towards an even higher form.
Basically, it is the form of the parabola, whose limbs reach out to infinity, crossing and coming back.
This has created two conic shapes capable of acting as energy collectors to bring energy
from outer space through the YU points into the very depth of the inner organs.
The energetic part of the above statement is easily verifiable with pendulum dowsing
over the different parts of the Max roller.

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Uses for Maxi Backsie

I have been using the Maxi Backsie for years. It's sold as a tool for the spinal muscles, but there are so many more uses. Many people are tight along the side of the upper leg where the IT Band tendon lies like a military stripe. It's painful, but lying on a bed, on your side, place it perpendicular to the tendon, so the tendon is not under direct pressure. It's in the groove. From there, you can roll the torso slightly forward, and you'll feel strong pressure on the attached vastus lateralis. It will 'slowly' free that dense tissue, and the tightness will melt away, better than any foam roller, or other method; just don't be too aggressive with it.


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  • IS this the same width as the original Ma Roller? Mine is 2 3/4 inches across the end. I dont want anything smaller or larger.

    The Maxie Backsie is also 2.75" width diameter.