Upledger Still Point Inducer - Original


These are the famous still point inducers made by the people who created Cranial Sacral Therapy, which is one of the most pleasant kinds of "body treatment" a person can get.

Not only is the treatment pleasant, it is extremely therapeutic, and we recommend heartily for you to find a cranial sacral therapists to work on you.

Meanwhile, and in between treatments, this little device can help you find that
"still point" within you, which when you experience, you can then allow magic to happen, as you can be filled with an influx of deep calm, and awareness.

These are great little tools, and after many requests, we are very pleased to present these to you, and have them available for you.


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  • Hi, is this brand really the most beneficial? I am wondering why their are no reviews. Have any of the momentum98 Team Used and liked this enough to get one? Thank you

    Hi there,

    The Upledger Still Point inducer is one of our best sellers, and is frequently purchased by practicioners to use with thier patients. One of our team personally uses one for floor traction and yoga especially when she cannot go get body work done with a practicioner, and for daily home body work. This is especially useful this year with distancing measures.

    You can see many reveiws for the product when you search it online and see many reviews rated 4-5 stars by individual users and practcioners purchasing from many sources. Our company has carried this still point since 1999 and it continues to be a best selling item in an inventory of 4k + natural wellness products.

    For additional information or to speak to a representative, you can call our Columbus, Ohio offices Monday-Friday 11am-6pm EST - 614/262-7087 or 1-800-533-4372