Maseur Innersoles - Mens & Women


The Maseur Innersole fits in each shoe. The heel portion fits at the base of the heel, or even a little part of it slips up a little at the back of the shoe. The sides of the Innersole also overlap the right and left parts of the shoe. This only gives added comfort. Because of the large size of the nodules, the toes are left standing directly on the shoe floor surface...

Unlike the Maseur Sandals, which do need a breaking in period, most individuals can slip these Innersoles right into their shoes (the left & the right ones)... and experience instant comfort.

Who can Wear Maseur Innersoles ?

Anyone can... but those who can really benefit from wearing these innersoles are people who are on their feet all day, and have to wear closed toe shoes. Some examples of these are Mail Carriers, Nurses, Flight Attendants, tennis players, runners, or anyone who is on their feet all day. You almost can't afford to not wear them !

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Ann R.
30 + year of preventing leg fatigue!

I have worn these insoles since my twenties. I am an RN and these are THE ONLY insoles that keep me on my feet day in and day out.
Unfortunately it seems they don't make them anymore and I can't find women's small size anywhere. This site sent me a men's large when I ordered a men's small hoping that would be available.


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