Himalayan Salt Soap (My Soaps)


Regular use of Himalayan natural salt skin products can help control many skin conditions such as dry or oily skin, eczema and acne. It will cleanse and renew your skin and has excellent exfoliating properties. It can also help relieve viral, bacterial and fungal skin infections. This soap with the Himalayan Salt is free from chemicals and has 84 trace elements, some of them being magnesium, calcium, copper, iron and potassium It is useful as a body deodorant and perfectly balances the chemistry of the human body and the skin’s pH factor. With all the wonderful minerals in Himalayan salt the soap leaves your skin feeling fresh, smooth and healthy. This salt bar also has a rich creamy lather.

This bar of Himalayan Salt Soap is made of saponified oils of: Olive, Coconut, and Castor with Shea Butter, Himalayan Salt and Rose Clay which enhances the salts natural pink coloring. The scent of the soap is a light musk of sea breezes and sea grasses with another mysterious aroma that evokes desert nights. Wonderful!
It is suggested that you use a washcloth or soap your hands to cleanse your face as the salt crystals may scratch your sensitive facial skin, but the rich full creamy lather makes it very easy to rub on and you still get the exfoliating properties. Using the bar with the full lather also makes it wonderful for exfoliating and creaming the rest of your body especially your feet. Use this soap as a deodorant. Just washing with it works, but, if you still feel the need for deodorant, after drying off use the damp bar to rub under your arms. Double protection if you feel you need it.


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