Poison Ivy Soap (My Soaps)


After exposure to poison ivy, use the soap exclusively when bathing. Wash your entire body in LUKEWARM water with Poison Ivy Soap; do not use any other soap or body wash at this time as the ingredients may spread the urushiol or irritate any rash. Rinse well. It has shown that if you apply the lather before exposure and then shower immediately after, with the soap it can help with not getting any rash.

It is the perfect combination of pure soap made with lye, pig tallow, spring water, and the plant jewelweed. Pig tallow, or lard, will not spread the urushiol oils but will help to dry the oils up. Jewelweed is an natural antidote that stops the itching on contact and helps to heal the rash.

Soaps made with oils will spread the urushiol and not wash it from your body.



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