Ways to use this product are:

PERSPIRATION / UNDER ARM IRRITATION: Rub in gently until absorbed. OG3 is completely gentle, safe, effective and neutralizes odor. Will not stain clothing! OG3 will not cause rashes the delicate tissue. For females, the major lymph nodes (vital circulatory system) are under the arms, and for men, the scrotum.
OG3 allows the lymphatic system to breath as never before!

-SCALP CONDITIONS / DANDRUFF, etc.: Wash hair and massage OG3 into scalp.
Wrap hair in a warm towel and leave for 1/2 - 1 hour as needed.

-SHINGLES (Herpes Zoster): Apply OG3 2-3 times daily. Lesions may heal very fast, while pain subsides.

-SUNBURN/ BURNS: Provides instant relief to burns and rash, including sunburn. Will not cause blistering.

-SUN SPOTS (Fungus): Sun Sports rapidly disappear. OG3 has a soothing moisturizing anti-fungal action.
Apply directly to area at least 2 times daily.

-UNDESIRABLE SKIN LESIONS: Mix a few drops OG3 with liquid vitamin D.
Apply a few drops to lesions 2-3 times daily or as desired.

-MIGRAINE HEADACHE: Apply 4-5 drops of OG3 to both sides of temple and forehead and back of neck.
Also, massage in upper corner of eyes, above the nose.

-HEART ACHE & PAIN: Apply drops of OG3 around the heart as needed.


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