Purblack - Natural Shilajit Live Resin w/ PURSCALE - 1 oz jar




The purest shilajit available on the market. After trying other shilajit's we found this to be the only one with noticeable effects.

Helps with stress reduction, mental clarity, energy and stamina.

  • Significantly increasing antioxidant potential and action
  • Maintaining the immune system in a highly active state
  • Maintaining enzymatic systems in a highly active state
  • Activating and supporting mitochondrial respiration (energy production within the cells), generating additional energy required by body systems
  • Continually suppressing unwanted inflammation and neutralizing harmful microbes
  • Augmenting and supporting cognitive and hormonal systems
  • Accelerating protein and nucleic acid synthesis
  • Stimulating energy production within the body
  • Improving transport of minerals and trace minerals to the muscle and bone tissues that need them
  • Stimulating digestive and nutrient absorption and utilization systems, increasing the body's energy efficiency - but without unnecessarily raising blood sugar levels or putting the body into an unnatural "overdrive" mode

*Not intended to treat or cure any disease 


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