Harmony Roller



Neck, Foot, Back & Shoulders & More ! 

Besides using on the neck, back or shoulders,
 the Harmony Massage Roller feels great on the feet! 

To use...

Begin by applying pressure then roll the ball in circular motions all around the desired area, adding pressure as needed. Use two hands for even more pressure.

With just a little practice you will be able to identify the exact spot that needs massaging and you will feel the relief as your Massage Roller smooths, soothes, and loosens the muscle tissue, bringing improved circulation, natural pain relief and healing to the area.

Neck and shoulders:

For maximum reach, place the Massage Roller on the tip of your fingers, reach over the opposite shoulder and pull down into the muscle. Use the rolling ball to roll away stress and tension.

Lower back:

For the lower back, grip the roller around the groove with the ball facing up. Position the ball in the desired location, add pressure with the other hand and massage the muscle using small circular motions. 
*Listing is for 1 Roller*

A note from Phil Wilson
Owner of Momentum98 

The Harmony Massager Roller feels incredible when rolled on the back in a circular, spirally motion. 

We guaranteed you will like it- the circular motions are so soothing! 
These Rollers are extremely popular and one of our best selling massage tools! 
We are very pleased with this massage tool, and love the way it feels.


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