RELAX Far Infrared Lie Down(Horizontal) Sauna



The FIR energy is distributed evenly throughout the sauna so your entire body benefits from the FIR heat.

Because of the width of the Sauna, you can turn over and lie on your side. You do not have to do this though since the reflective tent reflects the Far infrared Light and sends it into your body from the back side. This is NOT like a tanning bed.
The reflective material acts like a mirror, so you are actually getting both and all sides at once.

The energy of the 1000 watt heater will never burn the skin.
However, the FIR heat will open the pores in the skin, and help to sweat out waste from the body.

Taking a Sauna is very relaxing, improves blood circulation, and detoxifies the body.
Many Massage Therapists and beauticians are currently making available sauna treatments for their customers.

It is designed not to touch a person's skin, which provides a clean detoxification environment.
The Sauna is easy to maintain and will not absorb any odors.

A Note From Phil WilsonPresident of Momentum98 The other day, I got into the Relax Sauna.I then turned on a tape by Hal Huggins, author of the book, It's All in Your Head (about Mercury Toxicity from amalgam fillings) It was the middle of the tape:And the first words that came out of the tape were: A Far Infared Sauna is one of the Best ways to get rid of Mercury Toxicity. As a personal testimony, I started using the RELAX FIR Saunas in August 2003. It just takes about 20 -22 minutes to sweat real good, and to feel energized (and cleansed). I am amazed at how quickly this Sauna works. I've always wanted a sauna in my house - and now I have one! It actually feels much nicer than the "normal" saunas. I highly recommend this product as an investment in your health.


We guarantee after trying this you will agree it is one of the most relaxing experiences of your life!

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  • How big is it folded up? Is it easy to fold up?

    Hello Teresa,


    The lie-down sauna 33x9x20(h) in the box and in the bag.

    Just a bit less than that folded up in bag.





  • Size of infared sauna

    The dimensions of the lie-down sauna is: size of the sauna cover is 65x26x19(h)in. 
    size of mat is 78x36 in.