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Information from Whole World Botanicals:

Royal Chanca PiedraTM (Break-Stone) contains a variety of Phyllanthus species and is sold under two labels, one for liver-gall bladder and the other for kidney-bladder, to better highlight how it works in the body. The contents of the bottles and the benefits listed below are the same for both product labels.


  • Optimal kidney function*
  • Bladder and healthy urination*
  • Healthy uric acid level*
  • Liver detoxification*
  • Good digestion*
  • Healthy gall bladder*
  • Healthy liver function and liver enzyme levels*
  • Healthy LDL cholesterol levels*

Warning: Do not attempt to self-treat if you think you have gall stones or kidney stones. Whole World Botanicals does not sell drugs to treat diseases. This product is intended to support the structure/function of the body. If you think you have gall stones or kidney stones, consult your physician.

Scientific studies show Phyllanthus niruri inhibits production of aldose reductase, an enzyme that is elevated in people with high blood sugar. This enzyme has been associated with peripheral nerve damage and kidney function damage.*


Traditionally, Chanca Piedra has been used for:
  • Promoting the healthy function of the liver, gall bladder, kidney, and bladder*
  • Supporting a healthy uric acid level*
  • Supporting healthy digestion of fats

Scientific research suggests that Chanca Piedra does the following:

  • Promotes healthy liver *
  • Supports healthy fat digestion*
  • Promotes a healthy cholesterol level*
  • Supports healthy kidney and bladder function and healthy urination*
  • Provides occasional and minor pain relief*
  • Supports healthy bilirubin and enzyme levels in the liver*
  • Supports healthy aldose reductase levels in diabetics*
  • Cleanses the liver and the kidneys*
  • Supports healthy distribution of calcium in the body*

Note: Do not self-treat for any condition. Consult your physician.


Royal Chanca PiedraTM can be used for immediate/urgent use to support intense kidney, liver or gall bladder issues, such as relieving pain during a gall bladder attack. It has also been shown safe to use in a maintenance dosage to help support the structure and functions of kidneys, liver, and gall bladder.


Immediate/Urgent Use: Take 2 capsules (60 drops) 2-5 times daily away from food with a glass of water.
Maintenance: Take 1 capsule (30 drops) 1-3 times daily.


Consult your physician if pregnant or nursing.


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