Sprout Grower - Grow your own healthy sprouts! -Mung Beans or any kind of sprout


  • The Sprout Grower will never get toxic bacteria or mold
  • Grows edible organic sprouts in about 24 hours.
  • Easy and fast to Clean.
  • Designed for a building up of humidity and fast growth.
  • Works with all beans and seeds!

The word sprouts is one of the most misused words in the dictionary.

Here is Tony's interpretation of the word "SPROUTS".
The day a baby is born to ANY seed or bean, that is a SPROUT. One, two or three days later it
becomes a plant. A baby is born with the ability to provide ALL nutrients known to man. That is what God and Nature has provided for us. But then the day after it has come to life, changes into what the mother and father look like. That is called Genetics. If you go to the web you will see hundreds of different reports about sprouts and their values. Why ?, They are reports produced after the genes made changes to the baby. As the following report shows. A Mung been is no different than any other been or seed. When it is first born it has everything. But then genetically change. So when should you eat a SPROUT ? When it is first born. And since the taste of all babies is slightly different at birth we have chosen Mung beans to sell with our sprouters. The Mung bean is sweet. It is part of the PEA family. It grows more quickly than most seeds or beans. And after birth it has more nutritional value than most seeds and beans. Here is a sample report found on the web. But remember that when the BABY was first born it was given every nutrient by God and Nature. What is everything?
This is what originates from your Mung Beans.
3000 different known enzymes,
560 different known Proteins,
Every Vitamin known to man.
Containing most minerals (See Mineral List) A report ordered by Tony from a
company in Toronto , Ontario on the day a Mung bean was born.

But don't let the following report fool you. Some scientists have stated that there are probably over 30,000 different enzymes which we still have to learn about. And many other nutrients still to be learned. The only thing that we can be sure of is that when we eat this baby born to a miraculous mother, that we are getting everything the green mother can give us in


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  • Can we grow micronutrients from this device? (small plants about 4-6 inches?)

    These are meant for sprouting, (lentils, mung beans, broccoli sprouts, etc. Some can grow to 4-6 inches under the dome top.     Thanks, David