Willards Water (Clear) 8oz


Active ingredients:

Water, sodium meta silicate, sulfated castor oil, calcium chloride, magnesium sulphate, fossilized organics and lignite.

Laboratories, including the FDA, have tested Dr. Willard's Catalyst Altered Water and found it to contain only NON-TOXIC ingredients.


Shake well before use. Mix one ounce of Willard Water to one gallon of distilled water. Use a plastic bottle. No waiting/ no freezing required. Makes 8 gallons of ready-to-use water.


Plants and gardens
* Soak starting seeds: plants sprout faster, grow bigger, better resistance to droughts & freezing temperatures.
* Prolongs life of cut flowers; spray plant & dip cut ends in WW; add to vase.
* Outdoors: spray foliage several times during growing season. Helps transplants.

Pets and animals
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* Helps heal cuts and bruises (spray on).
* Helps relieve stress and heat (put in drinking water)
* Pink eye (spray on)
* Fever or dehydration (add tablespoon to drinking water)

* Add one cup to tank. You won't need to change tank water as often - fish thrive.

* Sores or sore throat (spray on area)
* Tired aching muscles (add 1 cup to bath water)
* Pimples & acne (spray on face)
* Infections (spray on area infected)
* Arthritis/rheumatism (spray or rub on affected area).
* Hangovers - 1-2 oz in water.
* Burns & sunburns: alleviates pain and helps heal. (Spray on immediately and as needed)
* Diaper rash: bad cases cleared up in 24-48 hours when sprayed on baby's bottom.
* Headaches/migraines (1-2 teaspoon in water with other remedies)
* For feeling of well being as well as help on such internal ailments as ulcers, colitis, bladder infections
(1-2 teaspoons with drinking water)


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