Willard Water Ultimate Concentrate Dark 8 oz


Willard Water is a 'catalyst altered' water discovered by Dr. John Willard while studying in South Dakota, and while working on his ranch. It was first brought to national attention in the early 1980s when a 60 Minutes television special highlighted a range of reports of Willard Water's beneficial health results in both humans (people recovering from severe burns and emphysema) to cows becoming healthier.

Catalyst Altered Water 

Dr. Willard regarded the ULTIMATE formulation as the finest of his three formulations and most people prefer the ULTIMATE. Why do people prefer the ULTIMATE? Some say because they feel they have even more energy when using it than they do when using the CLEAR (although people using the CLEAR often also say they notice an increase in energy...but when they switch to the ULTIMATE they say they notice even more of an increase in energy)


water, CAW micelle (sodium metasilicate, Calcium chloride, Castor oil, Magnesium sulfate), and fossilized organics from from refined lignite.


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