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How do the glasses work ? 

People with both close and distant blur are able to use the Vision Training Program. 

When you put on the Pinhole Glasses, blurred objects come into better focus. This phenomenon occurs with no magnification or corrective lends involved. The clarity is due to the fact that the blur circle on the retina is reduced. 

Wearing the glasses..

* Should be worn over your eyes, not over contacts or glasses.

* To receive maximum benefit, wear them 15 minutes or more a day. 
The longer you exercise, the greater and more rapid the benefits of the glasses.

* Wear your glasses for distance or close up viewing. 
You may use them for many of your daily activities, including watching television and reading.


Ask a Question
  • How long before results can be detected?

    Hi there, this depends on what your purpose is with the pinhole glasses. One of the most common uses for pinhole glasses is to address astigmatism. Those with this condition typically see a difference as soon as they put the lenses on. The best way to determine if pinhole glasses are right for your current situation would be to reach out to your eye care specialist, preferrably an eye doctor that specializes in vision training.