Re Memory Plus Mind balance and memory boost - 120 Tabs (DEEPURE)



Re-Memory Plus™

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Reclaim Balance and Peace of Mind

Re-Memory Plus™ benefits go beyond just the average cognitive supplement. Scientifically researched and formulated using the “Synergy Theory,” Re-Memory Plus uses balance to create harmony within and your mind alert.

Key Benefits

• Increases blood flow to the brain*

• Prevents buildup of proteins in the brain*

• Improves focus, sharpness, concentration, and memory*

• Encourages sounder sleep*
Beneficial Ingredients

Mother of Pearl

Anti-aging Agent • Antioxidant • Sedating Aid • Anticonvulsion


Increases Blood Flow • Reduces Vascular Resistance • Antithrombotic effects

Dong Quai

Anti-Platelet Aggregation • Decreases blood lipids • Anti-arthrosclerosis • Dialates blood vessels • Attenuates CNS system • Anti-myocardial ischemia

Corydalis Yanhusuo

Analgesic • Sedation Agent • Dialates Coronary Artery • Increases blood flow to the heart

Chinese Peony

Alleviates pain • Tranquilizing • Anticonvulsant • AntiPlatelet Aggregation

Sichuan Lovage

Increases cerebral flow • Anti-thrombosis • Tranquilizes CNS • Lowers blood pressure

Prunella Vargus

Pain Reliever • Tranquilizing • Lowers blood pressure


Improves erythropoiesis • Inhibits Thrombosis • Reduces cholesterol & blood sugar

Sicklepod Senna

Lowers blood pressure • Favors blood lipids • Inhibits bacteria & fungus • Diuretic

Uncaria Rhynchophylla

Sedative • Anticonvulsant • Spasmolysis • Antithrombotic


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  • When is Deepure Re- memory plus coming in ? Please


    Sorry but that is not something we have plans to carry in the near future.